December Update.

It’s all about Warden until this second draft is complete. I’ve been splitting my time between a few different projects – all with their own sense of urgency. But for the next month, I’m drilling down to wrap up this pass on Warden. It has taken far longer than I’d planned (what doesn’t?), but I’ve put so much work into it that the final pass should – repeat, should – go rather quickly.

By January, all books will be back on the many, many, burners.

But for now: WARDEN.



The slog through the second (rewrite and revision) pass of Warden keeps pressing ever forward. Where the first draft was an inspired rush through ideas that wouldn’t stop flowing, this time through is a more thoughtful examination of the story and language – and a chance to clean up both. With luck, I should hit the half-way point sometime next week.

When I finally wrap it all up, I’m going to shelve the book for a month while I finish up the first draft of Assassin’s Prey, and then I’ll return to it with fresh eyes to go through it One More Time. This novel is turning out to be some of my best work (I think), so I want to give it every opportunity to be the best it can be.

Now, time to click on that Scrivener shortcut…

Quick Update.

I’m currently working my way through the second draft of Warden (previously titled The Errata Lines), and slowly moving forward with the screenplay based on my novella, Monk. Both should be completed in the next month or so, and then I will finish up the first draft of Assassin’s Prey.

Outlining continues on Sedition, and in the next week, a duology of the first two books in the Sector series will be available on Amazon. I’m also including the first chapter of Sedition as an added bonus, and will post it here as well for those that already have the first two books.

Now, to jump back into the deep end of Scrivener… 

Hey! Where’d that book come from?

I had an idea for a story for nearly a year, but could never quite get the pieces to all fit together nicely. But then – during a trip to Australia – everything finally just fell into place. I was already halfway done with Assassin’s Prey at the time, but decided I would take a couple of days to make some notes for the next book – so when I was finally ready to write it, I’d be prepared. But once I started writing I just couldn’t stop. And now, four weeks later, that book is done.

It’s a rough first draft, and still needs a couple of months of finesse to make it something I’d let people read, but the story is complete. During the last month I consistently wrote over three thousand words a day, and at times it almost seemed as if the book was writing itself. I think it was the process of bouncing the story around in my head for nearly a year that allowed me to do it, but whatever it was, I enjoyed it.

Here’s hoping it’s not the last time it happens…


While Divergence makes it way through the final publishing process, I’d like to officially announce my next novel: Assassin’s Prey. This sequel to Assassin’s War is already at 10k words and moving smoothly. Here is an excerpt – the introductory page. Obviously, it may change a bit as the novel moves forward.


Transience is the natural state of the universe.


As the most reverend Buddha taught us, life is an inconstant collection of unpredictable and varying states of impermanence. And those who attempt to define the unknowable universe, or even more foolhardy, try to bend it to their will—will be met with the same disappointment as the naive child in the Mustard Seed Parable.

No one is immune to the chaos that is finely stitched throughout the fabric of the universe—including The Order of Buddha’s Light. Yet still, we’ve played at God for centuries—imposing our beliefs on other races as partial payment for their continued existence. And we took their money as well…growing rich from the corrupt practice.

This is the path to hubris.

This is the way of the blind.

And now, because of our folly, a harbinger of doom has awoken from the past—an agent of change meant to sweep away all of our prior offenses. Now…we will pay for our sins in full measure, and all we can do is brace ourselves against the coming storm—praying that the Buddha in his infinite mercy will grant us the strength to endure it.

Or at the very least, favor us with a shorter path to death…


From the collected writings of Brother Augustus Dyson.

Buddhist Master of Bodhi Prime