Assassin’s Prey is Finished.

Assassin’s Prey is now complete, and winding its way through the publication process. Next up, Sedition. It’s the final book in the Sector Series, following Dangerous Evolution and Divergence.


Overdue update.

The first draft of Assassin’s Prey will be done in the next couple of weeks. And now that the story is complete, I can focus on sussing out the next novel, Sedition, while I do re-writes and edits on AP. It’s been a little while since I wrote Dangerous Evolution and Divergence, so I’m excited to get back into that universe and finish out the trilogy.

Work continues.

It took a little while, but I finally got back on top of Assassin’s Prey – the novel I abandoned to write Warden. I started at the prologue, and then went all the way through the twenty-odd chapters I’d written two years ago to refamiliarize myself with the story and characters. Now I’m confident in the direction the book is going, and have a pretty good idea how to wrap it all up. I also intend to re-read both Assassin’s War and Monk before I start in on the second draft, to make sure there are no continuity errors, but everything seems to be on track now.

Note to self: Never leave unfinished work for the shiny new idea – EVER AGAIN.

May update.

I’m continuing to polish Warden so I can get it out the door, but as usual, every time I go through a novel (Every. Time), I find things I want to tweak. But if it needs it, it gets it. Period.

This book is shaping up to be almost twice as long as my first novel, Dangerous Evolution, and current page count is around 420. I doubt it will grow much larger, but I’ve been wrong before. So probably a couple of more months before it sees the light of day, but I think it will be worth it.

Late January Update.

I’ve just finished Chapter 38 of Warden, so that leaves me with three to go.

Despite this, I’m still loathe to make a prediction about when I’ll wrap it all up. My guess would be two weeks, but I’ve been wrong (many times) before. This novel will shoot past 100k words soon – making it my longest work to date. And I think that’s been my biggest problem in figuring out when I’ll finish it. This story simply demands more detail and development, and I must oblige. But even if everything goes wrong, I still only have three chapters left. So with a generous cushion built in for final proofing and the mechanics of publication, I’m thinking somewhere around September it’ll be out in the world.

And I won’t be far behind it. Believe me.