A Handy Flowchart for Reviews.




The slog through the second (rewrite and revision) pass of Warden keeps pressing ever forward. Where the first draft was an inspired rush through ideas that wouldn’t stop flowing, this time through is a more thoughtful examination of the story and language – and a chance to clean up both. With luck, I should hit the half-way point sometime next week.

When I finally wrap it all up, I’m going to shelve the book for a month while I finish up the first draft of Assassin’s Prey, and then I’ll return to it with fresh eyes to go through it One More Time. This novel is turning out to be some of my best work (I think), so I want to give it every opportunity to be the best it can be.

Now, time to click on that Scrivener shortcut…

Quick Update.

I’m currently working my way through the second draft of Warden (previously titled The Errata Lines), and slowly moving forward with the screenplay based on my novella, Monk. Both should be completed in the next month or so, and then I will finish up the first draft of Assassin’s Prey.

Outlining continues on Sedition, and in the next week, a duology of the first two books in the Sector series will be available on Amazon. I’m also including the first chapter of Sedition as an added bonus, and will post it here as well for those that already have the first two books.

Now, to jump back into the deep end of Scrivener…