Hey! Where’d that book come from?

I had an idea for a story for nearly a year, but could never quite get the pieces to all fit together nicely. But then – during a trip to Australia – everything finally just fell into place. I was already halfway done with Assassin’s Prey at the time, but decided I would take a couple of days to make some notes for the next book – so when I was finally ready to write it, I’d be prepared. But once I started writing I just couldn’t stop. And now, four weeks later, that book is done.

It’s a rough first draft, and still needs a couple of months of finesse to make it something I’d let people read, but the story is complete. During the last month I consistently wrote over three thousand words a day, and at times it almost seemed as if the book was writing itself. I think it was the process of bouncing the story around in my head for nearly a year that allowed me to do it, but whatever it was, I enjoyed it.

Here’s hoping it’s not the last time it happens…