Divergence: Out Now

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the release of Divergence, the second book in the Sector Series. It’s available at Amazon now, and is making its way to other channels as we speak. Get it here.



While Divergence makes it way through the final publishing process, I’d like to officially announce my next novel: Assassin’s Prey. This sequel to Assassin’s War is already at 10k words and moving smoothly. Here is an excerpt – the introductory page. Obviously, it may change a bit as the novel moves forward.


Transience is the natural state of the universe.


As the most reverend Buddha taught us, life is an inconstant collection of unpredictable and varying states of impermanence. And those who attempt to define the unknowable universe, or even more foolhardy, try to bend it to their will—will be met with the same disappointment as the naive child in the Mustard Seed Parable.

No one is immune to the chaos that is finely stitched throughout the fabric of the universe—including The Order of Buddha’s Light. Yet still, we’ve played at God for centuries—imposing our beliefs on other races as partial payment for their continued existence. And we took their money as well…growing rich from the corrupt practice.

This is the path to hubris.

This is the way of the blind.

And now, because of our folly, a harbinger of doom has awoken from the past—an agent of change meant to sweep away all of our prior offenses. Now…we will pay for our sins in full measure, and all we can do is brace ourselves against the coming storm—praying that the Buddha in his infinite mercy will grant us the strength to endure it.

Or at the very least, favor us with a shorter path to death…


From the collected writings of Brother Augustus Dyson.

Buddhist Master of Bodhi Prime