Divergence update.

The second draft of Divergence is in the can. Or more accurately, the hard drive. Now she gets one more quick (I hope) pass and then off to the printers for a proof copy.
I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but I can see the tunnel – so there’s that.

Realistically, I think I’m looking at a February release. I’d hoped to have it out a little sooner, but I will never sacrifice quality for expediency ; )


Holidays and Productivity

They don’t mix…period.

I’m chugging along on Divergence today, but the recent influx of food and family – as awesome as it was – slowed December’s progress to a halt. My January release date may slip into February now. I’m doing my level best to see that this doesn’t happen, but only time will tell. In all honesty, it does look a bit shaky at the moment.

I’ll post again in a couple of weeks when I have a much better sense of the time needed to wrap it all up, but never fear – Divergence is coming.