Writing = Butt in Chair

So I just finished the first draft of Divergence, and instead of jumping right back in, I’m taking a little break away from it to collect all of my many convoluted thoughts. While my mind works on that, I’ll post a bit about how I actually got to this point. It’s also how I finished my last two novels, and my soon to be republished collection of short stories.

I sat down and I wrote.

It’s that simple. Sometimes I used Scrivener, other times Word, but the common thread to success was that I kept at it. For the most part, without distraction.

Writing is a laborious, time consuming endeavor, and there are no shortcuts or excuses. Sure, you can get hung up on a scene or plot-blocked®, but if you know where your characters are, and what they are doing there, you should be writing it all down. It is the only way to get to The End.

Here is an article to explore it all further (and where I stole…er…got the title).  



I think I can… I think I can…

I’m still pushing hard to have Divergence, the sequel to Dangerous Evolution, out by Christmas. Only time will tell, but I’m hopeful. In other insane news, I’ve tasked myself with producing a script for Monk. This is a long-term project (made even longer by my unfamiliarity with the format), but I think the story would play well on the Big Screen. And, quite frankly, it deserves the chance.

But no plans to move to Hollywood just yet ; )

I’m still tinkering with the follow-up to Assassin’s War as well, but won’t be able to hit it full force until the current novel is complete.

Back to the words…