Assassin’s War. Out now.

The new novel has already shown up on Amazon and is making its way to other retailers now. Click here to purchase. Barnes and Noble is here.



Assassin’s War Release Date


Yay, indeed.

Assassin’s War, a full-length novel set in the same universe as my novella Monk, will be winding its way to retailers starting next week. When the book goes live, I’ll post to let everyone know. This is the updated blurb:

Assassin’s War

There was a long-held fear among the known races of the galaxy that no matter how powerful or technologically advanced they became, there would always be someone stronger—hiding far out in the deep recesses of the cosmos. That fear has now been realized.

A destructive alien armada has arrived, triggering a brutal war that will change the galaxy forever.

The only hope for survival rests with two, mortal adversaries—who must rise above their mutual hatred to work together on a dangerous mission. One is a lethal assassin unleashed on an unsuspecting enemy—a man so dangerous that even his own government wants him dead. The other, a ruthless alien invader with his own shocking agenda.

With enemies on both sides of the conflict, the assassin undergoes a personal revelation, striking at the very core of who and what he is. But will this epiphany lead to the salvation of the galaxy?

Or assure its destruction…