Proof copy is here! And other assorted news and updates.

Big news: For the last two weeks, Apple has been featuring my novel, Dangerous Evolution, as one of their Breakout Books in the UK. This exposure has propelled the book onto the top 100 list in two distinct categories. The top 25 actually (it reached #17 in Science Fiction: Adventure ). Of course I’m delighted by this, and curious to see how the exposure helps grow my sales in the UK. I’m especially interested to see if this translates to readers finding my other work.

In further good news, UPS delivered the proof copy of Assassin’s War yesterday and I’ll start the final (I hope) polish pass in a week or so. I’m leaving for Las Vegas next Thursday and don’t want to be distracted during the process. Most of you realize that Vegas can be VERY distracting – by design – so I’ll wait till I get back to begin.

I’m also a few chapters in on the next book already, and have decided to rework it to a first-person perspective. It’s the sequel to Dangerous Evolution, and readers have impressed upon me how much they like Malik’s “voice” and how “real” he seems. Looking back at the book, I humbly tend to agree. I believe that the first person narrative is greatly responsible for this, so I’m converting everything in Scrivener now to match the format of the first book. Some scenes will take place contemporaneously with Ben’s actions in other parts of the universe, so those will be written in 3rd person as needed to further the story. It’s a win/win, and should make for an excellent book ( Yes, I REALLY like this story).

Speaking of Scrivener, I plan to do a post about it in the coming weeks. It’s a versatile writing tool and I’d like to share my experiences with it, but there are other pressing matters at the moment…as always.